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Process Automation Benefits

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Our Automation Process

Tech Stack Consulting

To make sure we can accomplish your needs, first we need to evaluate your tech stack. This is all the software you use in your system to make sure it can work with Zapier or at least has an API aspect. If the software is not built to scale with your business, we take the time to learn about why you like it, then we work together to find the right solution and move all your critical data to the new solution.

Automation Setup

The automation setup is the meat and potatoes of my services. This is where we actually tell our automation (Integromat/Zapier) which data to pull and where to put it. This takes time and consideration as we need to guarantee accuracy, put information into the correct places, and not create infinite loops between different tasks.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our ongoing maintenance depends on what we have set up for you and what level of support you need. At the very basic level, we offer our managed services packages which ensure there are no errors, and include some extra hours each month for your requests, changes, and additions. You can learn about our service packages below.

Sales Operations

A CRM is the bread and butter to a sales team. A poorly-built CRM will take up more time than it saves, and I'm here to ensure that doesn't happen. A deep dive into your sales processes along with standard CRM practices will set you up for long term. success.


Onboarding employees is a lengthy process. Let's auto-generate contracts, start new workflows they second they're signed, manage their training modules, then invite your staff to your software and specified projects!

Internal Tools

Whether it's project management or order tracking, you perform best when you know where your business stands at all times. With the proper dashboards and quick access to information, we let go of those unknowns and ensure staff and customers are always on the same page.

Some Software We Work With

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency."

- Bill Gates

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